The “HDC Homes Without Limits” Story

In 1997, while managing an expansion to the Anheuser-Busch Brewery in Houston, Texas, my physical condition was degenerating to the point that I had a very difficult time walking.

A friend by the name of Karla suggested that true power was not in doing everything in life but rather being the CEO of one’s life. From that profound comment, I created the possibility of a life that worked without compromise no matter the circumstances.

In 2002, I renovated my first home without limits with my wife Mary and moved into it. Everyone that visits one of my homes loves their beauty and functionality. From the stand that all people live in homes that work, HDC Homes Without Limits was born.


“Mike Houlihan is a man whose heart is committed to his development work, which is quite obvious when you look at the product. Our remodeled home is beautiful, functional, and filled with thoughtful details.”

James S. Lewis Jr., MD

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