August 4, 2009

Yesterday I had therapy with Shawn Tucker at BCOH. Shawn spoke to Dr. John Nelson who is the man responsible for guiduing me to Dr. Robson in Tacoma. My good friend Troll Liston who passed away on Saturday of cancer is the man who introduced me to Dr. Nelson. In the conversation between Dr. Nelson and Shawn Tucker they discussed the simpathetic and parasimpathetic nervous systems and how the OSB Oral Systemic Balance being introducd to my by by the orthodics is the foundation from which to re-orient my relationship to walking from that of hands and vision to feet and legs.

Shawn is looking into rails for his studio and the use of a machine that I can use to alter the amount of weight I am baring on my legs during my training. This will be a way to ghain access to proper movement sooner.

I know I have the right support with Shawn and Jeff and Paula.

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