August 19, 2009

Yesterday during my session with Shawn he mentioned a couple of things worth noting. When I sit, I am sitting straighter and when I did my leg strengthening he remarked “the best I have ever done”. I stretched my calves last night before I went to bed and this morning I noticed a slight improvement in my walking. This morning I walked for about 40 minutes and then again at lunch when I walked for another 20 minutes. At noon when I walked I felt as it it were easier than ever for about 20 feet. Then as I got more fatigued I put more weight on my walker and I was tired when I got back to my chair. I am very encouraged about my future as it relates to walking. I will definitely be walking on and off the beach in February with my canes and with less effort.

Tomorrow I have PT with Shawn again and an appointment with Afua Bromley an acupuncturist and doctor of Chinese medicine. Shawn felt as if the acupuncture and herbs would support the healing and strengthening.

Meredith from the Rehab Institute of St. Louis called to let me know that she is taking over my case from Cathy and she wants me to start on the treadmill at 9:00a Monday morning. This is all very exciting.

I received an e-mail from Linda Liston my friend Troll’s sister yesterday letting us know that the celebration of his life will occur the third weekend in September. Mary and I are seeing if we can make it and share my own healing with his family who has experienced my degeneration through the years.

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