August 21, 2009

Yesterday I met with Afua Bromley and acupuncturist with acupuncture of St. Louis. She checked my tongue and my pulse. Her observation was that my pulse was low and based upon my her observation of my time the deficiency currently is in my spleen meridian. I explained to her what I was doing with Dr. Robson and Dr. Nelson and she was excited as she felt there was alignment for her in the way she practices medicine. Her philosophy is to balance the system and let the body heal itself. Her support for me will be to increase that chi (energy) in my body and continue to support the balance of my meridians.

After I was putting my wheelchair in the back of my car. I received a call from Dr. Nelson. He has been following my blog and recommended that I not pursue acupuncture at this moment. He explained that my body is going through tremendous amount of adjustment and this adjustment requires rest exercise and good food. He claims that the repair of my nerves is not like the repair of a bone or the building of a muscle. This alignment and adjustment that is going on in my system will take some time. His concern about adding acupuncture at this moment is related to the possibility that it could work against the oral systems balance that is working on me at this point through the orthotics in my mouth and the adjustment of my neck jaw and tongue in my mouth.

Wednesday morning I walked for 45 minutes then at lunch time I walked for 25 minutes and after dinner I did the same 25 minute walk in 20 minutes. There was about a 15 foot stretch on both my afternoon and my evening walks when I had that sense of freedom again in my gate and less pressure on my walker.

Dr. Nelson mentioned in our conversation Thursday morning that it is possible since my condition is chronic that I may have a few setbacks along the way. The important thing is for me not to lose sight of the goal and to be patient. The analogy that always comes to mind for me is that of the change in weather from fall to winter and winter to spring or like the stock market it’s not a straight up or straight down or straight line change. The important thing for me is to recognize whatever is going on in my body and share it.

Thursday afternoon after therapy with Shawn in the morning and then acupuncture after that I was tired. And, I did not sleep well last night. I don’t know if it was the conflict between my systems balance in the acupuncture but I didn’t sleep as comfortably and is relaxed as I have been since Tacoma.

Since I swam 12 laps at Clayton Shaw Park Pool I noticed that my right shoulder has been little sore. I think that since I have been walking more and being more active, I have also put more pressure on my shoulder and thus causing a noticeable soreness in my right shoulder.

From this point forward you will notice that my blogs will be more than just the details of my recovery and my therapy. My friend Chris Long recommended that I add a bit more color to my blog by reflecting a bit from the degeneration from my past and how that shows up in my daily thoughts. Thank you Chris!

Monday I began therapy at the rehabilitation Institute of St. Louis. I will now be working with Meredith rather than Kathy. It’s always nice to have two people fighting over who gets to work with you. Will be important after our session far Meredith and Dr. John Nelson to collaborate regarding my rehab as a relates to my recovery.

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