September 16th, 2009

I haven’t blogged in a while it’s been since September 1, 2009 when I had my last opportunity to share what is going on with me, my walking in my life.

September 4, 2009

Right before the holiday weekend to walk in the morning for 20 minutes met with Pat Croghan to review the drawings far 101 great bridge and had therapy with Meredith. During my therapy we focused on two things. First was the use of electrodes on my legs while I was operating the petals of the stationary bike my feet. This particular bike has the ability to coordinate the stimulation of the use of electrodes I operate the petals. After 15 minutes on the bike removed to the light gate treadmill and did another 15 minutes using electrical stimulation on my legs to prompt muscle movement and relaxation as I moved on the treadmill. Shawn Tucker called to find out how my therapy was going and to let me know that he and Suzanne were going to have twins. A boy and a girl.

Over the holiday weekend I didn’t walk. The weather was pretty rainy and prevented me from getting outside.

On Tuesday morning September 8 Mary and I caught a 6:15 am flight from St. Louis to Baltimore Washington Airport. After arriving at 945 we proceeded to drive to Annapolis Maryland where we met

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