Wednesday November 11, 2009

A lot going on right now!
For those of you who know my family, you know my sister Cate. Cate was born in the Spring of my freshman year in college and she is the only female sibling in our clan. Well… Sunday, her husband lost a well fought battle against cancer. Michael was a gentle soul who loved Cate more than anyone could possibly know. Together they had the gifts of laughter, friendship, companionship and intimacy that were acknowledged and appreciated every day. Please keep Cate in your best thoughts and prayers during these very challenging times.

I apologize to those following my recovery for letting such a long time go by without blogging. Here is what is going on for me…

I got my AFO’s several weeks ago and they definitely have me on my feet more. The other night I stood while I was preparing dinner for Mary and I sat at a regular chair around the table rather than my wheelchair. Initially the right brace was a bit tight on my right ankle and I had to get the brace adjusted so it didn’t rub. I got that adjusted on November 3rd and have been nursing my blister. I found out blisters in areas where the skin is very thin are slow in healing. Today I am back in my brace during therapy and the rest of the day I am letting it get some air and heal. I think tomorrow I will be full-time in the brace and back to walking more distance.

This morning at therapy I mentioned to Meredith that I felt as if I was in a plateau, maybe even not doing as well as I did last week. She told me everyone goes through this and for me not to be discouraged. She said look back two month ago and compare it to today and that is the perspective I should use to measure from. If that is the case I am doing better. My routine has been 20 minutes on the auto ambulator and 10 minutes on the light gate. I am doing the longest stride and walking with 32 to 36% of my body weight at 1.5 miles per hour. When I do the light gate I walk with 80% of my body weight at .6 miles per hour. I was thinking this morning that when I was running in the late 70’s and early 80’s my times for my runs were in the 8 to 10 minute miles and it was during that time that I noticed how I struggled with that first mile until my body got loose and I would get into a comfortable stride. I do recall that it took about a mile to get my body relaxed.

I really don’t like wearing the AFO’s but the results are immediate and noticeable. The other night I tried cooking without them on and my spasticity was going crazy. I do have a call into Dr. Barbara Green about getting prescription for botox for my tight calves and my ad-ductors. Being able to relax these parts of my body could significantly effect the quality of my walking and standing…

Until next update!

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