Wow! It has been a long time since I have included everyone in my recovery. On Wednesday January 6th I joined Mary and her walkers because it was so cold to walk in the Galleria. I walked for over 60 minutes and walked nearly the length of the galleria. This was not my normal Wellbridge workout group. Those who walk at that time of the morning are there for their health and fitness from the perspective of a retired man or woman who wants to stay in shape for normal life. i found everyone to be very friendly as I got words of encouragement and questions of curiosity. Many thought i was recovering from a total hip replacement or something orthopedic. And as experienced in the past many related to me because of their own physical challenges in the past like a broken ankle or a torn muscle. Since my condition is so rare, I avoided getting into a discussion about what HSP is or stands for. Much like the guy who can’t walk and chew gum at the same time, I find it difficult to talk and walk at the same time. Most of my movement is still very much directed actively and intentionally rather than automatically.

I have been walking 3 days a week at Wellbridge and the time walking varies from 35 to 50 minutes. Since the only way to measure my pace is to time myself for each lap I could see that what used to take me 15 to 18 minutes to walk around the gym I can now do it in 9 to 11 minutes. My best time so far has been 9 minutes which is 1 minute faster than my previous best of 10 minutes. I was also able to walk into the gym from my car do four laps around and back to my car in 45 minutes on Friday January 29th.

As my friend Bill Goodin stated so eloquently last week in a phone conversation “it is all about taking baby steps everyday.”

Tuesday January 26th I flew to Detroit to meet Dr. Nelson to be the first four people in the USA to have MRI done of the brain to determine if I have pocket in my the veins and arteries of my brain and neck. The reason I am doing this is to follow the lead from a researcher in Italy by the name of Zamboni whose wife had MS and she and 120 other patients have recovered from the effects of the disease. Interestingly enough, my brother Tim sent me the press release from a Canadian news cast announcing this discovery. Dr. Nelson also contacted me shortly after Tim and suggested that this could benefit his patients and he would work with Dr. Haacke out of Detroit who is world renown in the area of Magnetic Resonance. Dr. Nelson told me he spent some time in Detroit either during his own residence or Medical school and became friends with Haacke during that time. Both Nelson and Haacke have a vision of making this technology available to everyone who suffers from nuerological disorders.

Once again I had the experience of being the luckiest man on the planet. Steve Eick picked me up at the airport. We had a meeting to discuss a brand of imported beer that his friend Brad who wants to bring it to the state of Michigan. Then on to Spencer’s junior varsity basketball game where Spencer was an obvious leader and an extraordinary hustler. He is the shortest player on the team and he runs the offense. During the game I got to see Jim Knudson and Don Tocco and Terri Eick, her mother Marne, Terri’s brother Brad and Steve’s youngest son Tyler. I have only seen Tyler one other time when he was 5 years old and the moment he saw me he came right over to hug me. All the Eick’s touch me deeply by their love and warm way.

Although it was difficult to find out how Kyle did in his swim meet he looks way different than he did when I saw him 3 years ago. He has lost almost all his body fat and replaced it with lean muscle. Steve was telling me he has a chance to go to state this year which would really ad to his high school memories.

Wednesday morning Craig Vernick drove up to Detroit from Cleveland and we spent about four hours together catching up and relishing our precious time together. What a great guy!

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