February 19, 2010

Since January I have left my wheelchair at home and walked into the building up the elevator and around the outside of the gym I go for three or four times. Since I walk so slowly with my walker that I am an easy person to get to know and I am hard to miss.

Those who work out at Wellbridge at 6:00a are remarkable and extremely generous. Wednesday a woman by the name of Liz came up to me and told me about how she was in a wheelchair and crutches after an operation she had several years ago and today she is working out. She and I share the same philosphy…Some thing good no mater how small is better than nothing. As my friend Bill Goodin said to me during our last phone call. “It is all about taking baby steps”. On Wednesday a African American priest by the name of Father Mark came up to me and acknowledged my progress and offered to pray for my recovery. I receive nothing but encouragement and kind acts and words. I noticed for the first time on Wednesday two middle aged African American men who work out together. The smaller of the two is named Ron. He is very friendly and since I can tell he is new we encourage one another.

I noticed something about me and black people. During my Leadership St. Louis experience in 2001/02 we had one of our nine weekends dedicated to diversity. For the first time I realized that I am discriminated against as a man in a wheelchair and noticed that there is some what of a connection between me and African American people who experience a level of discrimination everyday. And, as I acknowledge and talk to African American people who I have never met before I get and instant level of relationship. I think that this connection is because they are treated differently like me. I told Mary months ago that I enjoy a playful relationship with most African American women. Mary suggested it was because I am related to them as someone who cares…

On the way out of the gym Demon who works at Wellbridge saw me walking toward the door from the elevator and assisted me with the door and all the way to my car. He is a nice man!

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  1. Tim says

    It's interesting what lessons Life brings us, isn't it?