July 13, 2010

Had ultrasound this morning at 9:30am. The technician confirmed the lack of blood flow back to my heart on the left side of my neck. The procedure tomorrow will be at about 7:30am. The blood flow on the left side of my neck was about 1/3rd that of the right side. This confirms the findings from the MRV done at Beaumont Hospital in Detroit in January.

I’m excited and nervous. I told Mary this morning that I am stressed. So much of my life has been given by the impact of this disease. I have put my life on display and I want to have a miracle not just for me but for all those wonderful and compassionate and loving people in my life who have given so much. And life will go on no matter what!

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  1. Tricia says

    i love you no matter what happens tomorrow. I am always praying for a miracle you know that- but so many miracles happen anyways bc of you. I hope for success and you get your convertable:)

  2. Jennifer says

    You are one of my most favorite people in the world-You are a miracle and around you miracles happen. I love you-and I will be thinking of you…and not just tomorrow.

  3. Melinda says

    I'm so inspired by who you are Mary are. It's so clear to me in your last post that this isn't just about you, but about a future for others. Now this is living life with Purpose, Grace and Ease. We love you and our prayers are with you. – Melinda

  4. Tim Houlihan says

    Michael, you are already an inspiration and a sign of hope. You ARE a living miracle already. You are more complete and put together than (literally) millions of people in our world. It's okay to be stressed, but I encourage you to just enjoy the ride. Love, Tim.