What a view!

This morning I was in conversation with a graphic designer and communication specialist regarding Homs Without Limits. I was clearly aware of the distinct advantage I have as a Landscape Architect, designer, builder and developer of Homes Without Limits. When it comes to accessibility, I take nothing for granted.

There was once a time in my life when I was a runner. During that time, I was very aware of slopes and inclines and how long they were, as I planned each route for a specific run of 3 or 4 or more miles. Little did I know how that would prepare me for viewing the world from the seat of a manual wheelchair. Yes, I have tipped my chair over backwards a few times, and after shaking off the lump on the back of my head and arranging my wheelchair so I could get back in it, I cursed the designer/contractor who may have followed the code but didn’t know the way I know.

When I look at a home for a client, the first thing is to look at the access from the garage, sidewalk, or front sidewalk to the main floor of the house. We are lucky to have grade change because it adds to the beauty of the experience. How we use the grade change to our advantage is one of the keys.

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