The experience of being powerful or living a powerful life, I have noticed, comes from the experience of having things work out the way one had hoped. And, since most of life is a negotiation involving many challenging circumstances, how do we always stay in the experience of being powerful?

I noticed for myself, living a life with integrity is a source of power. Using the concept of integrity, not as a moral distinction which is a good or bad conversation, but rather take integrity to how we function in our everyday lives, then I can explore a different set of questions related to what is working and not working in our futures, not just for today. How will my home function ten years from now for me and my family?

Last week I met with John and Nannette Musgrave regarding a home they are purchasing and intend to have it be without limits. The three most important areas to look at are: (1) ingress and egress to and from the home, (2) the bathroom, and (3) the kitchen.

When those areas work without compromise, the people who live there will experience a sense of power. There is power in not having to worry about whether one can get in and out of his home or to and from the garden, sidewalk or street, in and around his home; and, power when one can bathe himself and use the toilet easily; and function in the kitchen by making making a meal or preparing food with ease and grace.

The next part for me after the power of knowing things work for me is to be able to admire the beauty of leaves turning, or flowers blooming, as we go through our day.

What a gift it is to experience power.

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