Home as Medicine

Monday morning I was leaving Physical Therapy and Shawn Tucker, the owner of Brentwood Center of Health, stated one of the things he likes about Homes Without Limits is that “the home is a form of medicine.”

Never before had I thought of anything, other than something taken orally, as medicine. He began to suggest things, like having people live fuller and longer lives by staying active as a powerful form of medicine. And, living without concern for barriers as medicine, I began to run wild with the thoughts of all the people living my life.

Yes, I do view the world from a wheelchair. Yes, I do have limitations in terms of my ability to walk, and yes, I do have challenges related to buttoning buttons I cannot see. And, one might wonder, why do I live so fully and with such love and vigor? I can’t eliminate the impact of profound love for Mary and the extraordinary people in my life. However, living in a home that works so well and without concern and fear also makes me happy.

This morning I had coffee with an old friend who is one of the most successful interior designer/architects in St. Louis. And Wendy told me her mother fell and fractured her leg in the bathroom of Wendy’s home. I suggested this would not happen if she were in a curbless shower. I think I read somewhere that most accidents happen in our homes.

Sunday, Mary and I attended Jim and Danni Lewis’ wedding. Jim and Danni purchased the Graybridge house. For those who have seen the house, I had to smile. It is beautiful and so functional. It won’t be long, and you will be able to see photos on my Website, www.hdcstl.com. Take a peek!

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