The power in adapting to what is so

Very recently Mary and I purchased a Honda Odyssey minivan. At a time in my life when I wanted to be getting a “FUN CAR,” I got the minivan. What I realized in the journey of purchasing an automobile is the very thing all people go through when they purchase anything of significant value. The part of the conversation with myself that I didn’t like to have was, will it work for me for the next ten years assuming I can still stand? The answer was YES!

When we purchase a home, most of the time we look at it from the perspective of how well our furniture will fit in the new rooms, or is there enough space for our children or visitors or dinner parties, or a spot for me that I can call my own.

When circumstances change due to injury or age, we are faced with how powerful we are and how can we adapt our surroundings to support our new challenges. Since we are human and we don’t have a crystal ball to see into the future, we are limited by what we know, or who will give us good advice.

Last week my associate, Russell Gall, asked why I got the minivan, and I told him I was just adapting. It had become too dangerous to walk to the rear of my Jeep Grand Cherokee and get my wheelchair in and out. I noticed I was hesitating to do things by myself because it was becoming too difficult. Today, I have my freedom back because I chose to adapt to what is so. And, by doing this, I have FREEDOM…

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