The context is decisive

Before being in a seminar with Landmark Education, I had no relationship to the word or the idea of CONTEXT. After living with a life altering disease and observing these times of unrest and finger pointing I am once again present to the importance of an empowering context.

I don’t mean so far so good as we head toward a collision. I don’t mean I’m doing OK today so that is all I need to worry about. I mean almost a faith based context where we trust in ourselves to do the right thing for our lives and the lives of others. Not a context of resignation but one where we believe and listen so that everyone makes a difference. When the context is that of trust, knowing that everything can be worked out in conversation, life moves in a positive way. When the spirit of collaboration is alive, then creativity, self expression and unexpected solutions are the result.

As a project manager some of the best suggestions have come to me from carpenters or cement finishers or electricians who have seen a better design idea or long term solution realized out of being part of the team. My world is best when designed upon clear objectives and clear cost consideration, not just initial cost but long term cost. In a collaborative business structure everyone gets heard and there is room for altering the initial course of action.

As an example, energy efficiency related to thicker walls holding more insulation, insulated windows that are sealed with foam or high efficiency air conditioning units have an initial cost increase and they to a life of savings to our wallets and to our planet.

I prefer to create a compelling future and have that be the context for my life…

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