Steve Jobs Lessons

#1. The most enduring innovations marry art and science 

I consider Homes Without Limits as smart homes. Smart homes as we model them are examples of using technology and the wonders of wireless technology coupled with an unrelenting desire to create spaces that support effortless use for people of all ages and all conditions of health.

Thanks to my background in design as a Landscape Architect it has never been important to me to do what has been done before. If I can’t find something for the house that we think will be perfect, and it isn’t available, we will design it.

Right out of the University of Illinois I designed Des Peres Park. When it came to lighting and signage for the site I realized there were no standards or examples of what had been done in the past. There was no past. This was the first park of its kind in the area. And, although the city of Des Peres elected not to use my design for signage, it was a terrific exercise that would forever impact how I see and create. The reason I am so moved by Steve Jobs is that today we use examples of his vision and commitment to function and beauty.

For Steve Jobs, he was the ultimate user-experience master. He understood technology and paved the way for how he wanted consumers to use technology. It’s because of Jobs, I believe, technology enhances living. His ability to think first and foremost as someone who lives with technology rather than produces it is a key to his influence and innovation. Jobs saw usability as the most important aspect when designing, and I believe this translates to the whole idea behind Homes Without Limits.

There are only a few examples of Homes Without Limits across the country. Most of these are examples of visions that people have had who are committed to an extraordinary life no matter their health or age. Because of Steve Jobs, I am committed even more to using wireless technology to enhance and manage the enjoyment of our homes.

Imagine how nice it can be when we alter the temperature in our home before we return, we light the walk way from where we park to the entrance door, we have settings to manage the energy consumption while we are away for an extended period, and we can view someone who happens to knock on the door and can let them in with our smart phone or iPad. What Steve Jobs taught me is more than what words can describe—his influence is behind every design.

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