Reflections of Internship 2014

 Summer Reflections 

by Brian Silvestri

If there is one thing I learned most during my time at Houlihan Development Company it is the power of relationships. This is not to say that I didn’t learn things about construction, scheduling, design consulting, etc., but my experience this summer has been surrounded by relationships. During my first interview with Mike we started building a relationship. He talked about wanting to expand his company through social media, I recommended Twitter and off we went. But, I have found through Mike that relationships are not only vital in life; they are a key asset in the Construction field.
When doing business, one does not go to a specific company, one goes to a person within that company with whom they have a strong relationship. It takes work experience together in order to grow that trust. From that trust comes comfort which is expressed and cultivated through honest work between one another. If done well will grow he relationship will grow during every future job. The power that comes from relationships is humbling as it controls how we interact in life. Being somewhat young for the world, this way inspires me to continue to maintain and grow relationships that I have had as a kid or from school. I know now I will strive to build more relationships as my life continues.
There are many other valuable lessons that Mike has instilled in me this summer that I will take with me into my career and my life in general. One of which is being a student of life and for my life. This means to continue to have the appetite for knowledge and attempt to learn new things about everything. Construction is a great career to help motivate me to continue to be a student. I can see construction is one part of the equation. The other part is learning about a client’s needs and being able to reflect these needs in a building and a facility. Knowing he clients business is a way to distinguish myself. And, this curiosity and continuous learning will create value in every customer related interaction.
Mike was the absolute perfect person to intern with this summer, his character and outlook on life has truly inspired me to become more like him. From my high school Jesuit education, one of the mottos was “Be a Man for Others”. Mike exemplifies this. He is a man for others in every aspect of his life. Whether it is scheduling lunch with someone who could help me later on in my career or creating a whole foundation to make Saint Louis a better place to live. Mike’s selfless manner inspires everyone who he comes in contact with. It has been an honor to spend the summer with him and I look forward to our relationship throughout the rest of my life.

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