The Power of Nice…

The Power of Nice​​by Linda Kaplan Thaler & Robin Koval Nice has an image problem.

Nice gets no respect. To be labeled nice you are often concerned that you will be viewed as soft, passive or whimpy. Nice is not naïve…… Nice does not mean smiling blandly while others walk all over you. Nice in no way means being a door mat. Nice could arguably be the toughest four-letter word you will ever hear. Nice is moving forward with the clear eyed confidence that comes from knowing that you have placed others peoples needs on the same level as own. And, by doing that yopu get everything you want. Nice is luckier in love: ​Congenial, courteous, considerate and kind people have less relationship problems and thus fewer divorces. Nice people make more money: ​Professor Daniel Goleman author of the book “Primal Leadership” after conducting extensive research regarding emotions in the workplace discovered that for every 2 percent increase in the cheerfulness and helpfulness of the staff results in a one percent increase in revenue. I CERTAINLY PREFER WORKING WITH PEOPLE AT THE TOP OF ORGANIZATIONS.​ Nice is healthier: ​University of Michigan researchers have found that people who assist others and volunteer to support others have a 60% lower rate of premature death. Nice spends less time in court: ​Doctors who spend an average of three minutes longer with each of their clients have less than half of the law suits as other doctors in the same propfession. Six “Power of Nice Principals” 1 Positive impressions are like seeds: Every time you smile at someone, laugh with someone, thank someone or treat a stranger with graciousness and respect we throw off positive energy. If we believe in what goes around comes around we can assume it will all come back. 2 You never know: Example from PM’s in Tampa office 3 People change: If one uses nice as a manipulation, he would only focus on the superiors or the most important people at the time. However, our assistant might someday be our boss or our client. USE EXAMPLE OF TODD SCHNEIDER ANDS KIRKWOOD DREW. 4 Negative impressions are like germs: Whenever one reacts to someone as if they are not important it puts something in the air that is dreadful. This requires that you be very conscious of your environment. PARIS CAB DRIVERS AND WAITERS…. 5 Nice must be automatic:​EXAMPLE OF HOW IT FEELS AS A CUSTOMER OR SOMEONE INTERVIEWING FOR OUR COMPANY TO BE TREATED NICELY. 6 You will know: Even if you never see a person you have treated badly again, even if know one sees of your rudeness or bad behavior, YOU WILL KNOW.. GIRLFRIEND FROM HIGH SCHOOL 25 YEARS LATER. Exercise the Nice muscles: ​Help other people get their slice ​Pool your resources….. networking ​Spread the wealth…. Share or offer information or assistance ​Share the credit….. Acknowledge someone else for their contribution Don’t worry about making a BIG statement about YOU….. Always have it be about others… throw out the score card Flash a smile Offer a gift ….. eight ball, Arco gear, Arco mug etc…. Write down three things you like about someone you find difficult and compliment them and offer to assist them Avoid gossip… DISTINGUISH GOSSIP FROM CONSTRUCTIVE CONVERSATION… Always listen for the truth and tell the truth the truth doesn’t always hurt (go on a truth diet) Take off your mask and acknowledge or admit not knowing something or doing something that was thoughtless or inconsiderate Find the yes in no: EVEN IF WE THINK WE KNOW THE ANSWER IS NO LOOK FOR A YES, OR BE WILLING TO EXPLORE THE SITUATION FOR A YES… Actively listen more than you talk….. This allows you to keep the focus away from yourself​ Answer the following questions I never would have made it to where I am today without________________ I owe a great debt to ____________________________________________ I take courage from_____________________________________________ ​ ​My greatest teacher was or is ______________________________________ ​From this conversation begin to notice how kind you are to the waiter or waitress serving your food, the valet person parking your car, the automobile in the next lane wanting to change lanes in traffic ahead of you. How are you with interns, superintendents, suppliers, subcontractors, marketing accounting, UPS, Mail person, building maintenance, receptionists etc etc?

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