About Us


Michael Houlihan


Michael Houlihan serves as President of HDC Homes Without Limits. Since founding the company in 2002, Michael has built and renovated homes to be accessible and energy efficient for a variety of clients and families in the St. Louis area. Michael’s mission to create beautiful and functional homes that allow for living a full life without compromise started in 1997 when his physical health began degenerating to the point that he had a difficult time walking. Michael took the opportunity to successfully renovate his first home without limits, and in 2002, HDC Homes Without Limits was born.

With nearly 40 years of experience, Michael is well-rounded in all aspects of the construction business. Prior to founding HDC Homes Without Limits and Houlihan Development Company—a construction consulting firm specializing in coaching business owners, and in sales and employee training, including business development—Michael was a partner in the St. Louis Division of Tocco & Associates,Vice President of Business Development with HS Construction and J&S Companies. Through Houlihan Development Company, Michael currently works as a consultant for ARCO/Murray Corporate Services.

Michael earned a BA in Landscape Architecture from the University of Illinois. He is currently Vice Chair of the Board of Directors of the Gateway Area Chapter of the National MS Society. Michael is a past member of the Board of Directors for the Edison Theatre at Washington University in St. Louis and is co-founder in the CARE initiative in the hospitality industry. Michael resides in St. Louis with his wife, Mary. They have three grown children and are grandparents.

Liz de Laperouse

Customer Relations – Marketing – Sales

Liz has always been interested in health care, specifically how different systems operate in countries around the world. Her experience studying the U.S. healthcare system turned Liz from observer to advocate when the issue of stem cell research emerged. As an advocate for this research, Liz has met and worked with numerous people and families associated with such conditions as Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, ALS and spinal cord injuries. The difficulties many of these people had with accessibility became a priority and interest for Liz, leading her to join the HDC Homes Without Limits team. Liz also works to educate the public on science and public policy, with an emphasis on chemical legislation.

Liz earned a degree in Philosophy from Trinity College, Hartford, Connecticut. She worked as an underwriter and manger for Chubb & Son’s Executive Risk department in New York City and Boston. Liz has lived in Zimbabwe, England, Spain and France and currently resides in St. Louis with her husband and three children.