Functional Designs



  • 2,250 with a additional 1,000 sf in basement available to be finished as it is roughed in for a full bathroom.
  • Shaft for an elevator included, elevator to be added when needed
  • Designed and built for people to live gracefully and comfortably all of their lives.
  • Just blocks from Cortex and Washington University Medical Center



The site lies between Oak Bend and Daniel Roads. It is a bit less than an acre and is suitable to be divided into two lots at about 21,000 sf each. There are mature oak trees on the site that will be saved to add a subtle but strong statement about our commitment to a quality residence.

Maryland Ave

The goal was to find a home located within golf cart distance to downtown Clayton and University City Loop. We also wanted to have enough space for an elevator and have it be located in a way that it looked like it always belonged in the home. Click here for gallery…





A hedge blocked access to the front door form the street.


A generous welcoming sidewalk accessible from the street.



Most closets have racks that are too high to reach from a wheelchair and have no flexibility. maryland_closet2

Modular designed racks that allow drawers and shelves and hanging bars to be interchangeable. This supports both efficiency and accessibility.




Steps in the house, back door was too narrow, and there was little visibility to the patio and garden.



Full glass entry doors with full side light opening the inside to the patio and the garden. Adding a ramp to the generous landing area created ease when entering and exiting through the back of the house.

Graybridge Road

Take 1950′s ranch style home with a former woodworking out building in the back yard and have it be a great place to live all of their lives. The home had very limited flow from the Living Room to the kitchen and bedrooms and has it be made to be current as a 2010 Home without Limits. Click here for gallery…





Although located in the center of the house and close to the front entrance, it blocked flow to the living room and to the back yard.


Became the heart and soul of the house as the connection to and from every part of the house.



A narrow rough sidewalk leading to step into house.


A five-foot wide walk that flows easily to and through the front door.


White Gate Garden

For this project, the garden had drainage problems and was difficult for people to get in and out because of narrow walks and tight spacing at doorways. The goal was to transform a yard that was primarily grass for children to play on into a beautiful garden that could be enjoyed by everyone and to add an adult pool for exercising that was easy for everyone to get in and out. Click here for gallery…



Garden Pool

The owner wanted to have a swimming pool and garden that would be enjoyable and accessible to someone in a wheelchair and have it feel natural on the site.  


A seat wall that was easy to transfer to from both the dry side and the wet side of the seat wall.