University City Patch article: Man With Degenerative Nerve Disease Helps Others Through Homes Without Limits

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Patch readers told us who the “Everyday Inspirations” in their communities are, and we’re sharing their stories and the work they’ve done locally.

Mike Houlihan family

Everyday Inspirations is a series that features people in Patch communities who inspire others through their work, or people who have faced extraordinary situations and grown from them. They have been featured by other people in the community that have been inspired by the nominees.

Name: E. Michael Houlihan
Town: University City, MO
Nominated by: Susan Zuckerman

Why is this person an “Everyday Inspiration?” 

Michael is one of the bravest people I have ever met. Struck down with a degenerative nerve disease in the prime of his life, Michael has refused to allow this to define him. Instead, Michael looks for solutions – for himself and others – with his gift of clarity. 

He is an inspiration to all who know him. Every day for Michael is all about making the world a better place. He is a leader whose vision is one of abundance and possibility. Husband, father, grandfather, brother and friend, this man is universally respected and loved.  

Has the nominee’s life been changed in an extraordinary way? 

Yes. Years ago Michael was diagnosed with what was thought to be a version of MS. Although this would have stopped almost anyone in his/her tracks; not Michael. He became an integral member of the MS Society and continues to be one of their biggest fund-raisers, along with all of the other exceptional things he does on a daily basis.

How does this person work to make others’ lives better?

Wheelchair-bound since 2000, Michael does not view his life as one of limitation, but one of opportunity. In 2002, he formed a new company, Homes Without Limits, to design and construct homes for those with restricted mobility or other issues. These homes are both beautiful and functional; homes that can be easily lived in for the rest of our lives.

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