The eyes have it!

The eyes have it!

When I look for a home to renovate as a prospect to be “without limits”, there is a process and a view point I take. This process and perspective makes it logical and easy for me and for most people who want beauty and function as the intended outcome.

Since I am also a developer, I add an additional layer of thought asking the question… How easy will this home be to sell when we are finished with the renovation? Will the uniqueness of full accessibility and energy management exceed the expectations of future buyers.

As Frank Lloyd Write was so famous for saying “form follows function”… I’m not sure he always followed his words however that simple phrase is the core of a home without limits.

We first look at the neighborhood and then the curb appeal of the home on the street. Second, we observe how the home sits on the site and see what the relationship is between the entrance of the house to the garage, parking area, sidewalk and the mailbox. 100% of the times changes will need to happen to make it work. The question is can those changes work and look as if it has always been that way.

Once inside the hose the first thing we look at is space and flow. How does the front entrance relate and flow into the kitchen and the living/ family rooms. Is there a powder room and how does it work for guests. How wide are the doorways? How large are the bathrooms and bedrooms and closets. Are there intimate spaces that will cause someone to love living in the home. What is the relationship physically and visually from the inside to the outside of the home?

What kind of outdoor experience can be created and about what are the cost implications of creating it inside the context of a “Home Without Limits”?

Anyone over the age of 50 needs to think what type of environment will I live in that will give me the most active fulfilling life?

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