August 6, 2009

I had physical therapy with Shawn Tucker today. He spent a fare amount of time stretching my calves and my hip flexers. He photographed me walking with my walker inside the studio as a way to establish a base line. He also contacted the rehab institute of St. Louis and is making arrangements for me to walk on treadmill supported in a way so hat I will have less weight on my legs as I walk. Shawn strapped my feet to a reclined stationary bike with hand petals as well and I was on this for about 20 minutes. I had no resistance and I was pretty tired when I got off. I also learned a few Chi Gung moves that I will incorporate into my daily exercise program.

I did a little walking prior to the PT session with my canes. I was pretty shakey.

After the session Shawn and I went to Webster to a place called Acupuncture of St. Louis and we discussd the possibility of having her analyze me and collaborate with Shawn as we proceed down the path toward full ecovery.

I was telling someone recently that it has been years since I could visualize myself walking. Today, I can see it clearly and how it will be the reverse of how the disease has taken over my body and has shown up most profoundly in my legs and my gate.

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