Monday, October 5, 2009

Here I am sitting in my room at the Silver cloud Inn Tacoma Washington. I feel like I’m an author writing a book surrounded by the beauty of nature. When I arrived last night sky was so heavy that I could not see a star are the full moon. This morning when I went out to have breakfast I could see the Cascades to the west and the full moon. It is a spectacularly beautiful day on Puget Sound. It is also a pleasure to come back to a place where I’ve stated before and be assisted by those who made our stay in July so memorable.

At the breakfast bar there are waffles to be made. In July Mary made them for me. This morning I was in the process of doing it myself when a fellow who is staying here at the Silver cloud inn offered to assist me. He was telling me about his stay in the fact that his son who lived in the area was there to be there tour guide taking them up in the mountains and sharing with them the raw beauty of the Pacific Northwest. The small world of it all is that he and his wife are from Staunton Illinois. I told him at one time Houlihan nursery company had in Mount Olive Illinois growing farm.

To be continued…

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