October 6, 2009

Tuesday morning yesterday I was in Dr. Robson’s office from 1 PM until 5:30 PM. It surprised me but we actually started the day without x-rays. Dr. Robson immediately began working on my appliance in developing the foundation for an additional appliance. This appliance is new to the normal appliances used. It fits in the roof of my mouth and the purpose is to have the time move forward in my mouth. After a couple hours of adjustments we then took at an x-ray. Dr. Robson is slightly humorous when he consistently makes the comments “you’re going to make me work here aren’t you”. He described me how certain people with symptoms of ALS have a misalignment of their teeth and jaw. I also have something similar to that as he demonstrated that with the model of my teeth showing me that one side of my teeth splayed out so that my tongue doesn’t make adequate contact with the molars in the back of my mouth.

I asked Dr. Robson why he didn’t put braces on my teeth. His answer was “good idea!”However, we don’t have the time nor the ability to monitor the impact that moving the teeth have like we do with the appliances as it is currently designed.

Today, I think the intention is to work on balance. This will give me more confidence as I take steps and put less pressure on my canes and walker.

Our friend Thayer Garrett who lives in the Seattle area asked if she could bring her friend who has MS to visit this week while I’m here. Dr. Robson like the idea, but he wants her to visit later in the week so that we can show off.

To be continued…

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