October 14, 2009 number two

Week of October 12 through October 14

Monday morning I began walking on the robotic device on a treadmill at the rehab Institute of St. Louis. It is always so amazing to look in the mirror and see my legs moving in a way that reminds me of how my legs looked as I walked 35 years ago. In two weeks I will be tested again to see how far I can walk in six minutes with my Walker. It’s all about the numbers!!

One of the highlights of my week last week in Tacoma look like it was going to turn out to be another night in the hotel room ordering from the local beer restaurant called RAM.

Was supposed to have dinner with Thayer Garrett the wife of a fellow board member from the University of Virginia whom I met when Mary and I were in Charlottesville in September. I called her to tell her that it will was going to be late before I got of the Dr.’s office on Wednesday night. She received my voice message and thought to herself he is going to need to eat and I can still come up and take my for dinner. Since I didn’t know that she was coming to meet me I ordered a cab to take me to the hotel. As I was getting in the cab my cell phone rang and a person who I could not see pulled up in an SUV and waved. I quickly realized it was Thayer waiting to take me out to dinner. We went straight a Mexican restaurant called Matador. The food was fabulous and the company was even better. Thank you Thayer!

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