October 14, 2009

Last week while in Tacoma I had computer problems which interfered with my ability to blog.

Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday nights last week were late with Dr. Robson. Although my appointments started at one o’clock I was in the office until 7:30 or 8 o’clock every night. The early part of the week was devoted moving my tongue forward in my mouth. Both Preston and Jim added space to the appliance and this adjustment resulted in a positioning that made Dr. Robson happy.

While in Tacoma, my plans were to meet Tom Hinkson from ARCO, Matthew Arnoldy, Gary and Mary Murphy and Thayer Garrett for dinner Monday through Thursday nights. That very quickly turned into a fantasy. Beginning Tuesday night I was at Robson’s office until 730 or 8:00 PM every night. Once removed my tongue forward and Dr. Robson adjusted my appliances I had the experience of standing with more stability because he rotated my left hip forward and gave me the experience of standing squarely on both legs evenly.

By Friday morning I noticed that I could get out of the chair and stand fully erect with very little assistance or anything to hold onto. Although this doesn’t sound like much of a victory it is huge because my future is to spend more on my feet rather than sitting in a chair.

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